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Dan Bigras

Dan Bigras is in better shape than ever and the disease is behind him! Find him with his greatest hits in complete privacy accompanied by his violinist.


 Like his biography the time of the lords, this show, as funny as it is touching, transports us to the intense and inspiring universe of the committed man whom we know so well. Let yourself be lulled by this unique and warm voice.

October 2, 2021 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40


Matt Lang reporté - complet.png



New country artist Matt Lang opens the doors to his own Honky Tonk with his 2nd 'More' tour. After being nominated for Show of the Year - Anglophone at ADISQ and the Willie Award for Show of the Year at the Gala Country for his first tour, Matt and his 4 musicians are back with a brand new show! More vintage and even more festive, 'More' is the country party we've been waiting for!  The band brings Nashville to Quebec with songs from its two hit albums and several American country classics in a decor worthy of the bars of Tennessee. Both for the nostalgic and the new country fans, 'More' transports us under the neon lights of Broadway for the musical party not to be missed.

 October 9 -> postponed to January 22 ->
postponed to 
May 7, 2022
at 8 p.m.

January 21 -> postponed to May 6, 2022 at 8 p.m.

Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40

Additional Show - Sold Out




I'm between two tours. I come to test new jokes at your place (because you're smart) and also check that old ones, which you probably haven't seen, are still (because you're adorable). I can not wait to see you ! (because I anticipate you as exceptional spectators) (Yes, I have a mania for complimenting more and more with each parenthesis). See you soon!.

October 23, 2021 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $32
Non-member: $37




Roxane Bruneau is back on stage! Starting this fall, the idol of a whole 

generation will meet you to present Acrophobia, a new show more 

larger than life where intimacy and excess will be one! Through his greatest hits, ses 

new songs and a few surprises, the singer-songwriter promises you une 

night you won't soon forget!

October 30 2021 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $27
Non-member: $32



Johnny Zatylny admits he's hardly a household name in his hometown of Greenfield Park. But his acquaintances might be surprised to learn that Zatylny is a superstar in Germany and much of northern Europe. And he is almost a "god" in Gubin, Poland. He can easily travel by metro in Montreal, but it's by limo when he's on the other side of the globe!  Zatylny is considered one of the three best Freddie Mercury impersonators in the world. He's sung for the past eight years in Europe and North America with his Queen tribute band, "MerQury," and played packed stadiums from Berlin to Stockholm and, yes, Gubin.

This tribute band  is a high-energy show that will keep you going from start to finish. group and a vocal interpretation of the singer like not one yet!"

November 13, 2021 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $38
Non-member: $43

Kim Richardson


Kim Richardson presents a rhythmic show where she brings to mind, through her unique interpretation, the greatest blues and rock hits known to all. Accompanied by his four accomplices, Kim offers an exceptional performance and a carefully selected repertoire for an unforgettable moment.

November 20, 2021 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40


New show! 
With ALL OR NOTHING, Jean-Claude Gélinas tells us about his more rigid side. Without compromise, he is often excessive in his way of doing or not doing things. Known to the general public for his character Réjean de Terrebonne, Jean-Claude Gélinas has also proven to be a complete comedian who masters stand-up comedy from every angle. During his last tour, counting more than 125 performances, the spectators noticed the dynamism and the objectivity of the artist… with or without costume! A show by Jean-Claude Gélinas is gags per square foot, a rhythmic sequence of laughter and cheers, it's a fun that makes you happy: there is no compromise so that everyone has a pleasant evening_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
November 27, 2021 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40

The Salbarbs

The Salebeards
Composed of Jonathan and Éloi Painchaud, Kevin McIntyre, George Belliveau and Jean-François Breau, Salebarbes is a dream vehicle for attaching the moorings of the past to the car of the present. Available since April 26, 2019 on the LA be label, the album Live au Pas Perdus is a real musical journey from Acadia to Louisiana during which French-speaking song, groove and joy are in the spotlight. Salebarbes harnesses the raw and festive energy of the Cajun repertoire with a dose of humor tinged with hope. The hope of restoring a little pride and the taste of celebrating in French. A form of cultural reappropriation, a reverse deportation. There is an urgency to sing. preferably in unison, this now that is crumbling. Our culture that barely remembers. The journey of our language, a ship that pitches like a bottle in the sea, carrying a single message: we are not dead 
December 4, 2021 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $30
Non-member: $35



Back at the Maison de la Culture, the 8 musicians and singers of the group present a retrospective of the best songs from the 70s to today. From Disco to Country via Latin and Pop rhythms and why not  a bit of Trad  for the Holidays!

Always with very beautiful vocal harmonies, Séquence will make you spend an unforgettable evening! Don't forget to put on your dancing shoes!

December 11, 2021 at 8 p.m.
member show: $27
non-member show: $32
member dinner show: $50
non-member dinner show: $55


2 Frères COMPLET reporté 16 avril 2022.jpg

This is an opportunity to find Erik and Sonny in an intimate acoustic version of their show. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, the 2Frères revisit their repertoire filled with successes and surprises, all embellished with stories and unpublished anecdotes. A unique opportunity to meet up with the family with the duo to hear their hits again or discover their new material. 

January 29, 2022 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40



After more than 2 million albums sold in his career, the Gaspé singer is back on the road and is back on the road accompanied by his musicians in a show where he will perform pieces from his new opus in addition to his greatest songs. A true icon of Quebec country, it is certainly not 50 years of career that would come to the end of the passion of Paul Daraîche. Country music lovers, be there for a show that promises to be rich in emotions. An evening not to be missed with this country legend and his musicians!

February 12, 2022 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $40
Non-member: $45



The Grand Illusion was born in 1997 and since that time the group continues to delight audiences wherever they go. Six musicians will share their passion for the music of Styx with impressive accuracy. From Lady to Crystal Ball, via Come Sail Away, Renagade and Suite Madame Blue, you will relive in sound and images the great moments of the career of this legendary group. For an evening, dive back into the world of Styx with The Grand Illusion.

February 26, 2022 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40



Five years since Moi, Mario his last solo show, after more than 1,500 performances of his previous shows delivered in front of more than a million spectators, Mario Jean is back in force and in great shape, with a desire to renew himself, to progress and surprise again. His unique, versatile and unifying style allows him to address themes in which people recognize themselves, while surprising them. Among Going Forward's favorite subjects are human intelligence and stupidity, the joys and sorrows of aging, overconsumption, television and advertising, his children who are still at home and he reserves a number on sexual consent.


The veteran comedian, talented actor who puts on projects on stage (I'm listening to you) as on the small screen (Léo, Les pays d'en haut, District 31, 30 vies), is delighted to finally be back on stage with his stories and to get back on the road, meeting the public he has been visiting for several months already, with a version in the works.


“I've been a comedian for 25 years now, and even today, people are there. This is probably my greatest professional pride. Presenting my stories, in collusion with the audience in the room, is what makes me happiest. It's the pinnacle! I am aware of and grateful for this immense privilege of still being here, after all these years,” emphasizes Mario Jean.


With his simplicity, his relevance and his spontaneity, this complete artist, coupled with a frankly irresistible personality, looks forward to these numerous appointments, all over the province!

March 5, 2022 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40



Justin Boulet will celebrate the album Rendez-Vous Doux and all the work of his father, Gerry, in an acoustic formula where piano, saxophone, violin and guitar harmonize with Gerry's texts as well as to the voice of the Boulets. Through anecdotes never told, rediscover this ultimate Sweet Rendezvous that Gerry Boulet left us as a legacy.


Justin has this powerful and sensitive voice so particular to Gerry. Each time, he rekindles the nostalgia and delivers the ultimate experience of a living performance by this great legend, as only he can.

March 19, 2022 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40


Artiste_Angel Forest.jpg
So far, Angel Forrest has enjoyed a glorious three-decade career that has taken her across the globe. After all this time, the experienced singer continues to devote herself on stage. Through her new album, Hell Bent With Grace, Angel offers her perspective of a woman in her prime on public display, as well as the lessons of a phase she sees as the fall of her life, while she still feels like a young girl (She's Gone). The opus also explores difficult themes (The Blame Game), now that Angel takes a retrospective look at her life, her relationships with the rest of the world and herself. Musically, Hell Bent With Grace reflects Angel's rock influences, but the Quebecer, winner of six Female Singer of the Year awards at the Maple Blues Awards in Toronto, stays true to her blues, country and roots roots.
April 2, 2022 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40



Guitar Story

Guitar Story is a tribute to the most influential guitar and guitarists of the past 100 years. It's a show featuring the guitar, all styles combined. Bringing together six musicians including a singer and a singer, Guitar Story reviews nearly a hundred guitarists in the form of a medley, all accompanied by a wall of thirty guitars.
April 8, 2022 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40
For info Mathieu Tuhot 514-566-8902



New would men.png
Tribute to Rush

New World Men celebrates, in its own way, the 40th anniversary of Rush's legendary album, Moving Pictures. See Mathieu Groulx, François Larouche and Marc Girard play the entirety of this album and perfectly deliver radio classics such as: Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta. YYZ, Limelight and many others! The group's mandate is to recreate in an identical way the sounds that made the reputation of the Canadian group Rush. Progressive rock lovers will be served to perfection, come and spend a memorable evening with the men in red!

April 23, 2022 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40

Elton Songs

Prepare to travel back in time with ELTON SONGS!
ELTON SONGS invites you to experience Elton John's greatest hits, performed by the band in Sir Elton's iconic 70s and 80s costumes and featuring a vocal imitation of his voice so authentic you'll think you're in his presence!

The band members can't wait to spend a memorable evening with you!
April 30  2022 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40


Rick Hughes.JPG

RICK HUGHES has been on the music scene since 1980, when he was part of the international group "Sword".  Having worked alongside artists such as Bon Jovi, Metallica, Alice Cooper and many others, it was in 2013 that Rick rocked the Quebec scene during the first edition of the show La Voix on TVA and he got noticed once again by conquering the general public. Since then, he has been traveling across Quebec to rock the boards to the delight of his fans.  A rock show that will leave no one indifferent. Rick Hughes takes you on a journey to the heart of rock legends.  Energy, passion, a series of hits that have marked the history of rock._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ Fully loaded, this tribute to the roots of rock is masterfully led by Rick Hughes and his musicians.  

May 14  2022 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40



As these lines go to press, Alexandre Poulin is putting the finishing touches on his show, Nature Humaine. Secret and mysterious as usual, the artist promises us a lively and intimate encounter where his new stories woven in watermarks take us far beyond the songs. This unclassifiable artist, who celebrated his 10-year career last year, will present on stage the songs from his most recent album Human Nature while revisiting the highlights of his vast repertoire.

May 28  2022 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40


Shania Live
Shania Live (Tribute to Shania Twain)

For nearly 20 years, Annette Lafond has wowed crowds with her stunning tribute to country superstar, Shania Twain. Since her immense success on the show Your Big Break, which revealed her to the general public, the singer has performed all over Canada, the United States and Mexico, offering one of the best tributes to Shania Twain in North America! In turn, you will be amazed by the luminous presence of the artist, by his loyalty to the spirit of the star, and by his incredible talent!
June 11, 2022 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40
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