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Guitar Story




After the successful shows Guitar Story (a tribute to the greatest guitarists of the last 100 years) and Guitar Story: I remember (a tribute to guitarists from Quebec), the third Guitar Story show explores the guitarists who have left their mark on the acoustic guitar.


This more intimate but equally intense show wanders through legends such as Eric Clapton, Eagles, Supertramp, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Tommy Emmanuel and many more.


Always embellished with its famous wall of guitars, Guitar Story will take you on a journey through the history of the acoustic guitar, accompanied by its two outstanding singers: Samanta Crête-Poudrier and Marc-André Dionne. In addition to show's designer Mathieu Thuot on guitar, Olivier Morissette (guitar) and Olivier Roy (percussion) will complete the formation.

Saturday October 1, 2022
Tickets: $40


For info Mathieu Tuhot 514-566-8902

Daniel Lemire



Accompanied by a musician on stage, Daniel Lemire will tour the news in stand up as only he has been able to do for 40 years.

Edmond lost in new sexual trends. He believes LGBT means the great library.

Yvon Travaillé will propose solutions to the labor shortage. You will witness live fraud.

Maurice, the ex-smoker returning from Mexico, will be the victim of a very painful flight by plane.

Having no more PCU, Ronnie leaves a new tour with an old accomplice.

And Uncle Georges is talking about retirement!

Is this your last chance to see the great Lemire perform? Maybe!

Saturday October 8, 2022
Member tickets: $40
Non-member: $45

Luce Dufault

Dire combien je t'aime

Photo Luce Dufault.jpg

After the release of her new album "Dire quand je t'aime", Luce Dufault offers a much-awaited new show in an intimate atmosphere showcasing all the richness of her talent.


Accompanied by three musicians, she will shine with her unique voice the flagship songs of her vast repertoire, as well as titles from her new album.


An exceptional artist, it has already been written about her that she belongs to in the top female performers, performers who last, performers on whom musicians and poets can count to see their work transcended.


Luce Dufault on stage: the big meeting with the voice of the most beautiful emotions!

Saturday October 15, 2022
Member tickets: $40
Non-member: $45

Jim Zeller & Carl Tremblay


JIM ZELLER and CARL TREMBLAY… so much talent gathered on the same stage.  Two outstanding harmonicists who have worked on the biggest stages in Quebec, for the biggest festivals from Quebec to Europe via the United States, they continue to dazzle the crowds by their talent and above all, their complicity.

Saturday October 29, 2022
Member tickets: $40
Non-member: $45

Patrick Norman &
Nathalie Lord


The newlyweds offer an intimate version of their musical universe, in a very simple formula where we find the two artists on stage, accompanied by each other and their acoustic guitars.

Patrick and Nathalie then offer a few tracks from the talented singer's first album, such as the tracks "Le temps d'une chanson" and "J'aurais dont dû" that we were able to discover on the radio during the last year. Through these new songs by Nathalie that you will get to know, the greatest hits of Patrick Norman will be interpreted for you as you know them. We rediscover the beauty of songs such as “Perce les nuages”,  “La guitar de Jérémie”, and of course “Quand on est en amour”, in the simplicity of a guitar show-voice.

Come and savor a moment of happiness in the couple's intimacy, during this new show filled with charm and authenticity.

November 4 and 5, 2022
Member tickets: $50   
Non-member: $55




Tribute to AC/DC

The most authentic AC-DC tribute show ever!


Since its very beginnings, HIGH VOLTAGE has traveled across Quebec, Canada and the Eastern United States, to share the intensity and originality of AC/DC with one goal in mind: to pay tribute as faithfully as possible to this mythical group, while providing a frenzied and high-energy evening for the spectators!

The group delivers an intense, professional and wild show that will make your evening memorable! Hellish rhythms, frenzied guitars, legendary costumes and instruments, bells, cannons, even Rosie is there!   Without forgetting, Voice of Thunder! There it is!

An evening with AC/DC LIVE… That's what HIGH VOLTAGE has to offer!

Saturday, November 12, 2022
Tickets on sale at


Tribute to Les Colocs

TASSEZ-VOUS DE D'LÀ, a short phrase that now reminds thousands of Quebecers of the group Les Colocs. It is also a group of seven musicians who admirably revive the magic of Les Colocs; a vibrant tribute, a joyful and energetic show that will delight die-hard fans as well as the uninitiated.  TASSEZ-VOUS DE D'LÀ is the perfect group for any event that wants to be festive, where fun and dancing are in the spotlight.
For 3 years now, the new singer has been part of the family and for him and his group, a good show means giving and receiving the energy of the people there in front of us, whether it's 150 or 50,000 people! After more than 15 years of existence, they continue to present their show in the biggest festivals in Quebec and elsewhere!
Saturday, November 19, 2022
Member tickets: $40
Non-member: $45

Marthe Laverdière


During a career in horticulture and earthworks, we see all the colors! If your name is Marthe Laverdière, misadventures are never far away!

In this new show, directed by Jean-Michel Anctil, you will discover Marthe's professional career. How she bought greenhouses on a whim, how she became a massage therapist… by chance! How she came to host dinner parties! Colorful customers, narrowly caught blunders, flower bouquet accidents, and so many other hilarious anecdotes! It's all about The Greenhouse Effect!

November 26, 2022
Member tickets: $40
Non-member: $45

Ça brasse dans cabane


A most festive holiday show!!!


Surrounded by experienced musicians, Folklofolie, Marie-Claude Gagnon with her violin on fire and André Varin with his guitar, his voice and his frenzied animation, offer a breathtaking show. 


In this highly interactive performance, the public is invited on a Christmas-themed trip around the world. The audience also takes part in a choir to perform great classic Christmas carols.


Then comes New Year's Eve! In this segment of the show, everyone is invited to participate. There are rigodons, songs to answer, foot rhythm, jiggers, spoons, in short, everything related to our Quebec folklore. We have everything to send us in the atmosphere of the festive evenings of yesteryear.  


“Ça brasse dans cabane”, a Folklofolie show not to be missed!

December 10, 2022 

Show  member: $40
Non-member show: $45

Member dinner-show: $60
Non-member dinner-show: $65

Andréanne A Malette


With dozens of dates already on the calendar for this new tour, Andréanne returns with a new show called "SITKA". A show that is both dynamic and sensitive, inspired by her recent journeys of healing. Businesswoman, accomplished artist and exceptional human being, Andréanne A. Malette will be accompanied by 4 musicians on stage to deliver anecdotes, heartfelt songs and hope to an audience who asks for more again and again. A real darling of TV shows of all kinds, the one we discovered at Star Académie in 2012 proves once again that she is here to stay, to grow. 

February 4, 2023
Member tickets: $38
Non-member: $43



Coming from the excellent Body Groove line-up, The Moonshiners are getting a makeover to bring you a high quality country show! Impressive vocals, instrumentation made up of pedal steel, lap steel and violin, among other things, make this group a real Country band in the purest of traditions.

February 18, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $40
Non-member: $45

Manu Bilodeux


Dans le pétrin

In this 2nd show, we find Manu, our oldest comedian beginner, in his mid-fifties, overwhelmed by a far too active life at home and above all flabbergasted by a world incapable of settling the big planetary questions!

He would have liked to become a politician to change this world, but instead he became “professional babbler” playing “with” and “on” words like never before!

Always so excited to be alive, sometimes light and silly, sometimes philosophical and gloomy, critical of his contemporaries, Montrealer battered by the shortage of Masson jars (!!!) and the Covid virus, Manu offers us a sensitive and lucid look on this decade that starts off on the hook, at the same time as an unbridled portrait of his life as an old young dad of 4 children (it's too much!) whose future never seemed so uncertain!

We will know the whole story behind the surprise pre-pandemic arrival of the little last one, an atomic bomb. It will not fail to speak-out about sugar and food in general, fully assuming his orthorexia. All that while baking bread on stage! Because it's fine to go on tour, but you have to keep talking about it at lunch the next day.

February 25, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $40
Non-member: $45

Morse Code

Morse Code, the first progressive rock group in Quebec, has created a special place for itself in the hearts of this music lovers. Presenting L'Héritage, a retrospective of the French-language repertoire that he has bequeathed to all their fans over the years. It is a unique event not to be missed. Come and relive this magical period of Quebec's progressive rock!

March 4, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets:  40$
Non-member: $45

Alain Dumas


From Sinatra to Bublé

In this new show, Alain Dumas dazzles the eyes and the ears. Accompanied by 3 musicians, he revisits the timeless classics of Dean Martin, Tony Bennet, Louis Armstrong, Bobby Darin, Michael Bublé, Tom Jones, Charles Aznavour and others who have all been influenced, directly or indirectly, by the illustrious Frank Sinatra. 



A skilled storyteller, Alain makes us travel with humor when he approaches Quebec in the 50's and 60's, which were also affected by the “The Voice” wave.   In short, several decades are remembered in music and tasty anecdotes.



"Alain Dumas has a warm voice, swing and a magical complicity with the public and his musicians, this show will charm you."

March 11, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $42
Non-member: $47



In this intimate formula, mainly composed of numbers taken from his 4th one-man-show, Réal will speak to us with the same absurd humor that we know him about being fed-up by those who pretend, the evolution of networks social media, ubiquitous advertising and the inescapable aging phenomenon.

March 18, 2023 - SOLD OUT
Member tickets: $40
Non-member: $45


Tribute to Pink Floyd

MARCH 24, 2023


Echoes - Tribute to Pink Floyd has been present on the Quebec scene since 2005. The group performed HUNDREDS of shows across Canada in halls, festivals and for corporate events.

Echoes are talented musicians, anxious to reproduce as faithfully as possible the musical work of Pink Floyd with the PINK FLOYD sound quality.


You will be immersed in the universe of this cult group. Covering all the eras of Pink Floyd, from the Syd Barrett period to "The Division Bell" at each show. Echoes is definitely THE tribute to Pink Floyd to see and see again.

March 24, 2023 ADDITIONAL SHOW
March 25, 2023 - SOLD OUT
Member tickets: $40
Non-member: $45



Tribute to the 80's

The No. 1 tribute band to the 80's.
Finally a group from the 80's that stands out both for the talent of its artists and for the choice of its repertoire and the interpretation of the musical pieces. A few seconds before they are chained in the famous “medleys”, with NOTORIOUS you will hear the songs in their integral versions! You will find all the pieces that marked an entire generation and made millions of people dance.

Recently joined the group, a multi-talented artist, singer / saxophonist / percussionist... what more could you ask for!
April 8, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $38
Non-member: $43

Guy Belanger


Voyages et autres histoires

After the release of six solo albums, and six soundtracks for movies and TV series, harmonicist-singer Guy Bélanger offers a new album and a tour that showcases the full magnitude of his talent. His show "Voyages and Other Stories" offers a walk at the crossroads of the many paths of blues and folk and also draws on funk and rock rhythms. Accompanied by his musicians, Guy Bélanger will present several pieces from his vast repertoire.

April 22, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40

Guitar Story 2.0


A true tribute to the guitar and to the most influential guitarists of the last 100 years. This second show by the group formed by five musicians/singers will bring together staging, costumes, as well as a brand new wall of around thirty guitars. The show wanders from one style to another to highlight the guitar and the sound of each guitarist, from the rock of Jimmy Page and David Gilmour to the country of Brent Mason, from the blues of Stevie Ray Vaughan to the jazz of George Benson , from the flamenco of Paco de Lucia to the gypsy of Django Reinhardt, and more!
April 28, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $42
Non-member: $47


Petite nature

Emile Bilodeau.jpg
Émile Bilodeau is an explosion of contagious sincerity that has found a way to set fire to the four corners of the Francophonie relentlessly since 2016. Armed with an energy and an enthusiasm that seems to be infinite, he knows how to conquer the crowds and take advantage of the effervescence and joyful lucidity of his songs to bring together an increasingly large audience. It is with enormous happiness that he brings to life the pearls of his latest album "Petite nature" as well as his small and big successes; whether on the big stages of international festivals or in the box of a pick-up truck behind the village church, a show by Émile Bilodeau is always a celebration as much as a communion that feels good.
April 29, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40




Power Ballades 80’

Qui a composé les balades musicales les plus passionnées? Sans aucun doute les groupes rock des années 80. L’intensité dans leurs chansons a toujours été très palpable. 


C’est pourquoi Rockmantic vous invite à une soirée remplie d’émotions et de nuances avec 7 musiciens talentueux qui vous interprèteront les plus belles ballades de Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Journey, Heart et plusieurs autres! Rockmantic a créé LA playlist de rêve que vous aimeriez entendre lors d’une soirée romantique! 


Vous cherchez une façon spéciale pour passer une soirée en amoureux, vous adorez les power ballad ou encore vous êtes à la recherche d’un cadeau unique pour la fête des mères? Ne cherchez plus, vous avez trouvé : Un gros câlin musical!


D’autant plus que chaque personne présente recevra un petit souvenir pour souligner cet évènement.


Profitez rapidement du prix spécial fête des mères :

6 mai 2023 à 20h
Billets membre : 33$
Non-membre : 38$

one Love

Tribute to Bob Marley

One Love Marley gold logo.jpg

THE ONE LOVE PROJECT perform Bob Marley's greatest hits. 

Made up of exceptional musicians like David Segreti on guitar and vocals as well as Dano Peace also vocals, who is the most energenic person you will see on stage. 

Rumor has it that every performance of this group remains for the viewer, an unforgettable event.!

May 13, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $35
Non-member: $40

Brittany Kennell


I ain't a saint

After spending 8 years in Nashville, Montrealer Brittany Kennell returns to pursue her career at home. In a style that mixes modern country and vintage rock, Brittany could be described as the Sheryl Crow of Quebec. The only Canadian to have participated in "The Voice" in the United States, the singer-songwriter has also shared the stage with renowned new country artists such as Maren Morris and Carly Pearce. In concert, in addition to songs from her brand new album ''I Ain't A Saint'', she offers a varied repertoire of country classics from yesterday to today including Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert. ''I Ain't A Saint'' explores honesty in relationships, but also with ourselves and evokes that no one is perfect, but that we must learn from our mistakes to go forward. With vulnerability but a lot of positivism, Brittany tells her stories in her own modern country.

May 27, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $40
Non-member: $45

The Box


Formed in 1981, The Box was born in 1982 and dominated the charts for ten years. With 4 Félix awards and 4 albums, all certified gold and platinum, the group disbanded in 1992, exhausted by incessant touring. But constant industry pressure eventually convinced frontman Jean Marc Pisapia to form a new version of the group, returning to the stage but not without having new material to present. The Box therefore released three other opuses in 2005, 2009 and 2014 as well as a mini-album in 2018 and has not stopped performing in concert in the country and elsewhere since, both in theaters and at festivals. 

Already 15 years since the group's comeback and 40 years since day one, The Box has no intention of retiring!

The Box offers 90 minutes (or 45 minutes twice) of their latest material as the first part of the show and then puts on all the hits of the 80's and 90's. 

June 3, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Member tickets: $40
Non-member: $45
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