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July - September 2015

Self-taught painter, CARO chose the profession of graphic designer to fulfill his desires to create which have animated him since his early childhood. For more than a year, she has rediscovered this buried passion which now overflows with desire and desire to evolve through this wonderful means of expression that is painting. She paints pictures filled with bright colors, contrasts and movements. We feel a lot of love, joy and energy in his works. Naturally creative and passionate, CARO remains in constant evolution through its creations. The main medium she uses is acrylic. The freedom felt by the magic of color mixtures makes her alive and nourishes her creative spirit. Painting is an opportunity for her to channel her energy and thus maintain a good balance with life.

Joanie Drolet

Acrylic paint

September 2015

Previously, his style of painting was rather naive and very colorful and borrowed processes from the world of comics. After a creative break in painting, she resumed her approach where she left off, while wanting to take it further, even transform it.


Now, she retains the touch of naivety in the features of her characters, but she  wishes to make them more sensual, more feminine and above all more contrasting. This is why she affirms that her artistic approach is a real metamorphosis in terms of her style and also as an image.

Opening September 17, 2015

At 20 o 'clock

alain reed


October 2015

Opening October 15 at 6:30 p.m.

Suffering from Parkinson's disease Alain Reed has been painting for many years.  La démarche artistique du peintre pour cette exposition est la suivante : Présenter des photos de ses toiles retouchées et update  in different context.


The paintings & other drawings were made  between 1990 & 2000,   hence

the importance  of this  update.

Annie Kindness

Art figurative

November - December 2015

Opening November 12, 6:30 p.m.

Annie Gentesse signs a conscientious and committed practice that reflects on life. Works that are the fruit of sharp observations scrutinized by a lucid eye. Images that combine refined staging and characters. Gentesse's works rely on the power of messages while exploiting the sweet connivance of humor and efficiency. The verve thus tabled gives the spectator back his freedom and his critical spirit. Annie Gentesse skillfully uses this strategy to establish a symbiosis that allows her to present the nonsense of life. It is not only the unconsciousness of the remarks, the various events that seem trivial and the workings or the cogs of all the systems that act as catalysts and triggers of the creative process on standby; there are also the charms of life, heart and reason that structure the works of Gentesse.


Strategically, the artist uses figurative art to develop a painting charged with meaning, reflection and commentary. Authentic, she creates works by representing her characters with an amusing and surprising facies. Gentesse puts into images the tragedies and comedies of life where everyone plays a role. A tailor-made role that the artist-illustrator stages in a masterful way.

Isabelle Ferron- Marchand

January-February 2016


Opening January 21, 2016

Self-taught, Isabel Ferron Marchand is a contemporary visual artist from Drummondville.  


For more than 20 years, she has enjoyed creating and painting according to her impressions.   she likes to let her imagination run wild.


During a trip to Europe, the artist noticed the effect of oxidation on the Neptune Fountain in Berlin and was inspired by it to adopt a new working technique which she called scanning.


A little touch her, and that's what she wants the most, to release emotion and intensity causing the viewer to stop and think.   Looking at his works, one can notice the spontaneous movement, the richness of the colors and the texture where several layers of paint are applied.


in his eyes, all forms of life are fascinating and mysterious.   She is inspired, among other things, by the human being, sculpture and architecture.


during the Vernissage the artist will indulge in a small painting demonstration.

Caroline Dion

March 2016

The expressionist painter, Caroline Dion, who took up the brush in 1995, works to capture the emotional essence of her subjects. Like dreams, her images appear to her when she closes her eyes. These few seconds allow him to immortalize on a piece of paper what will later be the reflection of his thoughts. She paints to satisfy an artistic imagination hyperactive and at the same time release emotions on edge. Painting, poetry will always be part of his life. Like a poem, she opens her coeur  to anyone who wants to read it. Acrylic lending itself well to the desired effect, so she decided to experiment with this medium. 

Jennifer Hélie 

April - May 2016

Opening April 14, 2016


Seduced by the instantaneism and transience of nature in constant evolution, Hélie now wishes to bring a new perspective and therefore embraces the Impressionist movement; first, in the naturalistic phase and then, in the evolutionary phase of the movement. She exploits materialism and light fragmentation in order to express her reality, her moods and her unique vision of the landscape, in a contemporary way, a bit like a pictorial symphony, a perpetual movement. Through her approach, the artist seeks to push her limits, capture the imprint of nature and the poetry that inhabits her... Capturing the vibration and the light source of the landscape is essential for her._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Since the beginning of his career, the artist has charmed several private collectors who follow his path and acquire his works.








   Bateau atelier galerie d'art          floating from the artist.
  Painting made on the pattern.      St.

© Photo TC Media - Ghyslain Bergeron

Jennifer Hélie invites people to make an appointment with her to discover her boat-workshop Le Barbizon.

Helene Courchesne

May - June 2016

Biography :


The approach of the artist Hélène Courchesne is an intuitive experimentation in relation to her exterior and interior environment. During her 35 years of teaching visual arts, she pursued a personal creative process through the use of different mediums such as watercolor, dry pastel, graphite, acrylic, etc.

She lets the words, the lines, the lyricism, the spontaneity and the absurdity of the composition sing.

Opening May 26, 2016

Denis Boucher

September-October 2016

Born in Drummondville in 1946



1965-1968 Ceramic option, Institute of Applied Arts, Montreal

1964-1965 Social Sciences, University of Ottawa, Ottawa


Whole character whose marginality has remained intact, his works show an effervescent imagination, served by a touch of rare vivacity, a very personal sense of color, at the same time sought after, brilliant, original.

His subjects remain of a lived exoticism (far from the postcard) strongly inspired by the Amerindian universe as much by the themes (physical and cultural environment) as by the spirit (personal attitude and technique of realization)

Opening on September 22 at 7 p.m.

Catherine Fagnan

November-December 2016

The “Arrêt le temps” exhibition presents large format works highlighting nature in its simplest expression. With today's life being so busy, the artist wanted to give art lovers a break through this simplistic yet imaginative exhibition. The works illustrate in a zen and refined way, with a modern treatment, the earth, the horizon, the water...  
In his artistic approach, the artist purifies the subjects to leave space for the mind. Colors, fluids, textures and brush strokes mark his signature. Subtle play of light and contrasts create a zen and relaxing atmosphere, inviting the observer “to take a break”.  
The proposed treatment inspires great emotions. The depth that emanates from the works, like the atmosphere of a great novel, transports the observer into his own inner world. The clearing observed in the works each leads to introspection. 


January to March 2017

Lou Bessette

Janet R London

March 16 to end of April 2017

Painter  innovative and expressive, Janet London founded in 2013 a collective movement of artists called " Art-is_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136_bad5cf5.5cc 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Upon leaving art school in 2014,  artist Janet London created solo and group performances with emerging artists. His goals have always been to make interactive art accessible and to use art as a source of awareness for important social causes.


Living in Saint Bonaventure since 2015, artist Janet London launched " London House " an independent gallery and creative studio that also offers artist representation services and creativity classes for beginners and more advanced clients who seek to express themselves therapeutically and expressly through art.


A 2014 Concordia Fine Arts graduate, Janet London has a strong focus on harnessing the tactile properties of paint, how gestures can illustrate emotions, and how color affects our attraction to nature. painting.  Currently, she creates expressive abstract paintings using gestures and visible drawing to create paintings of mystical animals.

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