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Sylvain Croteau

opening September 23 at 7 p.m.

Originally from the city of St-Hyacinthe and established in Drummondville for twenty years, Sylvain Croteau is a self-taught painter. Passionate about abstract art, he is involved in multiple studies of lines, colors, textures, vibrations and repetitions. His art is in the tradition of painters Rita Letendre, Guido Molinari and other abstract automatists.



Sylvain's approach is instinctive at first. He paints his canvases in response to a specific moment. The imprint of this moment is created in the material, by the spontaneous application of acrylic. He will seek the impressions of a specific moment to produce his work. A precise situation serves as the basis for a whole study of lines, colors and shapes.



The imprint of the artist on the canvas is an affective reaction, a mark of the body in a specific place and time which is then transposed in an abstract way. For him, abstraction makes each canvas unique according to what is created by the shapes and colors and the interpretation of the viewer.

Oeuvre Sylvain Croteau

Denis Guyon
November-December 2022

opening November 10, 2022

Peintures 4.jpg
Peintures 2.jpg

Michael Coderre
February-March 2023

opening February 9, 2023

Michel has always had a passion for photography, but more particularly when he retired almost 15 years ago. At that time, he had   followed several training courses and equipped himself with more specialized equipment.

As often as possible, he travels the roads of Quebec in search of the most beautiful image.

His camera is his best friend, she follows him wherever he goes. He likes to take the time to find what is most beautiful in nature and share it with others. 

You will be able to see some of his creations during his exhibition at the Maison de la Culture de L'Avenir from February 9 to March 15, 2023


Evelyn Losier
March-April 2023

opening March 16, 2023

Originally from Tracadie-Sheila in New Brunswick, Evelyn Losier maintains very close ties with nature and the sea, the main essences of her inspiration. She who translates the beauty of the surrounding environment into shapes and colors offers works that overflow with textures, contrasts and luminosity. She combines mediums in a signature on the border between abstraction and figuration. 

Each of her paintings is made with care, textured with tissue paper which is crumpled with her hands to release its energy, a creative ritual that she then sticks on the canvas. Sometimes she experiments with a new style, sometimes she takes up the challenge of painting a new subject. 

Evelyn also plays with the art of transforming matter through recovery. Audacious, creative and colorful are among the words that best describe the artist who also owns his company of house painting and artistic projects of all kinds, Rel'Art.

  She is a creative manager with diverse experience in the management of cultural organizations. Her presence in the network of artist-run centers via the organization   among others AXART as vice president, her involvement in several   board of directors have allowed to develop a good knowledge of the organizational culture and the challenges that drive the cultural sector from both a local and national perspective.

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